What is a ‘Novice’ Driver?

A girl novice driver

Simply put, a novice driver is any driver who holds a Class 1 or Class 2 licence.  This would include either a G1, G2, M1, or M2 licence; even a fully licenced driver can fall into the novice driver status simply by having what is called a ‘hybrid novice driver’s licence’ such as a GM1, GM2, G1M, G2M, AZM1, etc.

G1 and G2 licences have a maximum of 9 points as oppose to the 15 points allotted to the full G class licence.

What are the limitations for novice driver?

Graduated licencing allows novice drivers to gain experience over a period of time, allowing them the opportunity to become fully capable licenced drivers. A novice driver has restrictions on their licence and failure to abide by these restrictions can lead to serious repercussions, including consequences such as suspension of their driver’s licence.

A G1 licence holder must:

  • Maintain a 0 B.A.C (blood alcohol concentration)
  • Ensure all passengers in their vehicle are properly wearing their seatbelts
  • Not drive between midnight and 5:00am
  • Not drive on any 400-series highways (such has Highway 400, 401, 403, etc.)
  • Drive with a fully licenced passenger who has at least 4 years of driving experience and has a B.A.C of less than .05 (excepting if the person is under the age of 21, whereupon their B.A.C must be 0)

A G2 licence holder no longer requires a fully licenced passenger to be present, has no limitation on the time of day during which they can drive, and may drive on 400-series highways.  However, they are still restricted to:

  • Maintain a 0 B.A.C

Additional restrictions may also apply, for example, if a novice driver gets a speeding ticket of 30 or more over the posted speed limit and are convicted or simply pay the ticket, they will automatically face a 30-day license suspension. If it happens again then the suspension would be increased to 90-days. Should a third ticket results in another conviction, the ministry of transportation will take the individual’s license away. You will need to re-apply for your license and start all over, taking all tests and paying all fees again.

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We have attached the links below so you can better understand the point system and limitations for novice drivers: