Notary Public

FIX-A-TICKET is Ottawa’s choice for Notary public and Commissioner of Oaths services.

We notarize and commission a wide range of documents for use in Canada and all other countries.

It is sometimes necessary for a person to make an oath, affirmation, or declaration before signing certain documents. A Notary public or Commissioner of Oaths can legally administer and attest to these oaths, affirmations, and/or declarations.

Commonly notarized or commissioned documents include:
– Affidavits
– Consent letters for children travelling abroad
– Contracts
– Court forms
– Letters of invitation
– Insurance claims

– Statutory Declarations & Letters

– Certified true copies


The above is a small sample of the documents that we can notarize or commission for you. 

*IMPORTANT TO NOTE, all documents should be filled out correctly in advance and UNSIGNED.  Should you require sample documents, we can provide these to you.

Contact us today to book an appointment and we also service Ottawa west at 555 Legget Drive, Suite 832, Tower B Kanata Ontario K2K 2X3, sample pricing below…

1st Notary Sign and Seal                               $36.95 (+HST)

-extra Notary Sign and Seal                          $24.95 (+HST)

POA or WILL (individual)                               $64.95 (+HST)

-extra POA or WILL (individual)                     $29.95 (+HST)

Divorce/Separation Agreement                     $64.95 (+HST)

-extra Divorce/Separation Agreement           $29.95 (+HST)

Mobile Notary Service                                   $59.95 (starting based on distance +HST)

Witness Signature Only                                 $9.95 (+HST)

Fix-A-Ticket Notary Services