Notary Public Services with Fix-a-Ticket

FIX-A-TICKET is Ottawa’s choice location for Notary public and Commissioner of Oaths notary services. We notarize and commission a wide range of documents for use in professional and government documents and witness notary services in Canada and all other countries.

What is a notary public?

A notary public is a legal professional who provides non-contentious legal services to government offices and the public in a variety of areas, including real estate, wills, contracts and more. Notaries prepare accurate, legitimate legal documents and document them.

Why is it important to get documents notarized

Notarization is a fraud-deterrent document and process that helps ensure that documents are authentic and can be trusted. These documents notarized could be about private matters or related to provincial or federal levels of Government.

Sometimes, a person must make an oath, affirmation, or declaration before signing certain documents. A Notary public or Commissioner of Oaths office can legally administer and attest to these oaths, affirmations, and/or declarations.

Commonly notarized or commissioned documents include:

  • Affidavits
  • Consent letters for children travelling abroad
  • Contracts for services
  • Court forms
  • Letters of invitation
  • Insurance claims
  • Statutory declarations and letters
  • Certified true copies

Fix-a-ticket provides a full range of notary services, including those used above.

Before your notary public appointment

It is important to note that all documents should be filled out correctly in advance and UNSIGNED. Let us know if you require sample documents, contact us, and we will provide you with a sample document upon request.

Government services and legal services in Ottawa, Ontario

Fix-a-Ticket is a paralegal firm licensed by the Law Society of Ontario, specializing in provincial and criminal law. Our services are affordable to ensure that they are accessible. We strive to be efficient, responsive, and accessible to everyone who needs our services, giving you the representation you deserve.

Contact contact us today to book an appointment; we also service Ottawa west at our office location 555 Legget Drive, Suite 832, Tower B Kanata Ontario K2K 2X3; sample office location, appointment, fees and pricing below:

1st Notary Sign and Seal $37.95 (+HST)
-extra Notary Sign and Seal $25.95 (+HST)
POA or WILL (individual) $69.95 (+HST)
-extra POA or WILL tax (individual tax only) $29.95 (+HST)
Divorce/Separation Agreement $69.95 (+HST)
-extra Divorce/Separation Agreement $29.95 (+HST)
Mobile Notary Service $59.95 (starting based on distance +HST)
Witness Signature Only $9.95 (+HST)
signing a contract
Marc ChauvinMarc Chauvin
14:41 12 Sep 22
Quick Responses, everything was looked after professionally, total confidentiality, with amazing results. We will be recommending their services to anyone in need. Thank you Saeed!
Lara ShqwaraLara Shqwara
01:34 03 Sep 22
Amazing service!! I was very worried when I got my licenses suspended but Mr Abbadi did an amazing job by getting me a very good deal. Exceeded my expectations!
Fathia IbrahimFathia Ibrahim
19:37 07 May 21
SPECTACULAR SERVICE!I am extremely grateful and impressed with the service I received. They dealt with my ticket in an efficient manner. If you ever need any assistance with a ticket, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FIX-A-TICKET. You will not regret it.- Fathia I.
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17:38 07 May 21
Man, the people at Fix-A-Ticket are exceptional. I was recommended by a fellow friend to see Mr. Abbadi & his associates and I can’t thank my friend & Mr. Abbadi enough! Mr. Abbadi was very respectful, knowledgeable & reassuring by keeping me updated consistently. On top of that, the outcome of my stunt driving ticket was past my expectations!! Thank you Mr. Abbadi!!!!
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01:40 07 May 21
These good people know exactly what they are doing and treat you in very respectful manner all while doing a superb job in a very complex field. They were able to get the charges dropped completely and saved me lots of money & hassles for a very reasonable price and record time!!! I can recommend these good people any time because they deliver results!!!