Camera Ticketing System

The camera ticketing system in Ontario can be confusing when trying to figure out if these types of tickets will have an impact on your driver’s license or insurance.

The fines associated usually consist of two common offenses: red light- fail to stop offenses, and speeding offences in community safety zones. The tickets are issued and mailed to the registered vehicle owner’s address; regardless of who is driving the motor vehicle. The camera system can only issue a ticket using the plate of the vehicle. Therefore, since it cannot be determined who is driving the vehicle, they cannot impact your driving record or result in demerit points.

In Ontario, to issue a ticket reflecting on ones driving record, identification needs to be established. This is done using a valid driver’s license or ID by an officer of the law. The camera ticketing system results ONLY in a record on the plate of the vehicle, much like a parking ticket. Meaning there is zero report to your insurance company and no impact on your premiums.

These systems are designed to reduce driving risks in certain areas by way of fines. If you are issued a fine and financially cannot pay you have some options. You can plead guilty with an explanation on the reverse side of your ticket. An appointment will then be arranged for you to speak with a Justice of the Peace to discuss if a reduction in the amount is possible. In the event, that a reduction is NOT feasible, an extension to pay the full amount may be granted.

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